This exhibition of drawings continues my work exploring immigration, both to Australia and to the City of Lismore, based on the traditional land of the Bundjalung people.Coming Home draws on my own experience as a refugee (from Czechoslovakia) and looks at how our community has been enriched by multi-cultural settlers from around the world.

A sense of belonging is a basic human need that is hard to define or measure. While often experiencing cultural dislocation, people from diverse backgrounds have woven their lives into the fabric of Lismore, finding a new and true home.

I have become deeply interested in the journeys of so many newer residents and have spent countless hours meeting and drawing my subjects. It has been truly liberating to leave the quiet space of my studio and visit the homes of these wonderful people, and a privilege to hear their fascinating stories.

I hope my exhibition helps develop a deeper community understanding of the challenges our migrants and refugees often face as well as highlighting the valuable contributions they are making to the home we all share.